Vol 2-Issue 2 Beautiful names

Beautiful Names

Umm Saad lends meaning to your Tasbeehaat and Dhikr. "The most beautiful names belong to Allah (swt), so call on Him by them..." (Al-Araf 7:180).

Vol 2-Issue2  Imaan

Iman - The Foundation of Islam

In words and action, Umm Saad tells us of the true meaning of Iman.


The Etiquette of Joking

Munqidh As-Saqqar presents the Islamic perspective on the seemingly harmless act of joking.


Islamic Social Etiquette

Umm Saad highlights the noble mannerism and grace portrayed by Allah's Messenger (sa) in times when ignorance and indecency was rife.

Vol 2-Issue2  Yusuf Bin Tashfin

Yusuf Bin Tashfin

Tasneem Vali tells the story of Yusuf Bin Tashfin - a Moravid king of Northern Africa, who "saved Muslims from themselves"


Salam means Peace

Salam means peace and peace is dear to Allah (swt), writes Atefa Jamal.

Vol 2-Issue 2  Formula for Peace

Formula for Peace

A concoction for peace and tranquility in our hearts put together to address lifes’ stress and strife - written by Alia Adil.


Vol 2-Issue 2 conflict resolutions

Conflict Resolution in Schools

Farah Najam enumerates strategies experts suggest for aiding our youth in effective conflict resolving.

Vol 2-Issue 2 Say yes to yogurt

Say ‘Yes!’ to Yoghurt

Naba Basar explains why this milk product should be a part of everyone's diet.

Vol 2-Issue 2 Brunei

Travel Brunei

Farah Najam takes us on a journey through the Abode of Peace.


better half

When the Better Half Returns Home (Part 2)

How can men contribute towards building a stress free and blissful ambiance, when they return home to their better halves? Rana Rais Khan offers some advice...

Vol 2-Issue2 Physically fit kids

Physically Fit Kids

Affaf Jamal offers a selection of advice for building up your child's physical fitness.

Vol 2 Issue2 Ijaraah

Ijarah - Islamic Leasing

Ayesha Ashraf Jangda introduces the concept of Ijarah and describes its rules and regulations.


Vol 2- Issue 2 Sorry  made easy

"Sorry" Made Easy

Let's accept remorse kindly, suggests Uzma Rizvi.


Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed

Roomana Rais Khan familiarizes us with ‘the sword of Allah (swt)’ on earth.

Vol 2-Issue2 Manners of reading Quran

Manners of Reading the Quran

Affaf Jamal lists valuable guidelines for making the most of your Quran reading experience.

Vol 2-Issue2 From the diary of the young

From the diary of the young

Mahwash Ajaz's diary entry draws laughs and tears.