Vol 3-Issue1 Victims Of discontent

Victims of Discontent

Arsalaan Ahmad Siddiqi guides us towards achieving satisfaction within our hearts - the riches of self-contentment

Vol 3-Issue 1 The Call towards Allah swt

The Call towards Allah (swt)

Rana Rais Khan reflects on a Dawah technique that won over the heart of the Negus, the King of Abyssinia, and can still be used today


The Prophet's Compassion for Children

Amatullah Abdullah brings to our attention the need of children for role models and not critics. Prophet's (sa) dealings with children is an example for us to follow.

Vol 3- Issue1  Abul Qasim Al-Zahrawi

Abul Qasim Al-Zahrawi

Rym Aoudia introduces us to one of the first and finest surgeons the world has ever known

Vol 3- Issue 1  Elderly Parents

Elderly Parents - Handle With Care!

Rana Rais Khan presents a heart-touching analysis, geared towards understanding our old parents better and bridging generation gaps.


Birth Celebrations

Mufti Taqi Usmani - a renowned Islamic scholar - sheds light on the rulings pertaining to celebrating of the Prophet's (sa) birthday.


Vol 3-Issue 1 Merits of Social sciences

Merits of Studying Social Sciences

Hafsa Ahsan elaborates some of the advantages of studying social sciences.

Vol 3-Issue 1 Squeeze Success from Sickness

Squeeze Success From Sickness

Atefa Jamal explains how a time of illness can be turned into a time of blessing

Vol 3-Issue 1 Travel Bangladesh

Travel Bangladesh

Farah Najam presents the magic of Bangladesh


Characters can counter caricatures

Alia Ahmed rationalizes that as Muslims, we must learn to reply to every critic of Islam with logic and evidence


Vol 3-Issue 1 What are we sowing

What are We Sowing?

Muhammad Al Shareef brings home a simple law of nature that can neither be neglected nor hastened, if we want the fruit to be sweet and ripe

Mother in law

Role Reversal

An appreciative mother-in-law suggests role reversal for a greater understanding between all daughters-in-law and their moms-in-law

Vol 3-Issue  Cultivating Positive behaviour

Cultivating Positive Child Behaviour

Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist) helps us to understand the strategy of time-out and ways of encouraging toddlers to share



Dear Haadia

What is the place of music in Islam?


Interesting Analogies

Kiran Ansari shows a fresh, easy way to comprehend core Islamic ideas

Vol 3-Issue 1 Abul-Aas Ibnur- Rabi

Abul-Aas Ibnur-Rabi (rta)

Naba Basar introduces us to the life of Prophet's (sa) son-in-law

Vol 3-Issue 1 Mother

Mother - Our Door to Paradise

Mother – Our door to Paradise - written by Umm Isam and Muhammad Al Shareef