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The Glue Story

Of bonding and learning the true lessons of life … Tasneem Vali shares the memories of her grandmother

Image months and more

Months and More

Ever thought about the Islamic calendar? How it initiated and what is it named after? Sabahat Anwar explores its vitality and impact on our life

image life and its worth

Life and its Worth

Can life hold a value higher than what the mundane offers to us mortals? Mahwash Ajaz tries to find answers.

Image ERI

Educational Research Institute (ERI)

Hafsa Ahsan talks to the pioneers of the Educational Research Institute to understand the concept of an integrated curriculum, teachers’ development programs and much more

Image Prophet sa humour

Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) Sense of Humour

The Holy Prophet (sa) brought joy to those around him by his cheerful demeanour. Bushra Anwar narrates some funny incidents from his life.


Know Your Creator

“The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them, but shun those who deviate regarding His names for they will be punished for what they do” (Al.Araaf 7: 180). Dr. Sadaf Shiekh and Umm Saad attempt to describe the Majesty of the Creator

Image imam Malik

Malik Ibn Anas

Amena Lali looks into the noble life and achievements of a pious scholar of Islam

Image do you remember him

Do You Remember Him?

Annita Sani takes an in-depth look at Dhikr and how frequently we remember Allah (swt)


Image surfing the net

Surfing The Web!

Tasneem Vali gives tips on handling the pitfalls of web surfing

Image dates

Dates – The Candy That Grows On Trees

Dr. Sadaf Sheikh explores the medical and spiritual healing preserved in dates


Image kids room

A Fresh Look For Your Child’s Room

Looking for ideas to spark up your kids’ room the easy and economical way? Well, Get going with Laila Brence

Image pets

A Place for Pets

Pets are commonplace in homes of Muslims and non-Muslims. Saba Sarwar gives us an Islamic perspective on keeping pets.

Image finance

The Islamic Finance and Banking System

Sumaira Dada highlights the Islamic financial system, which is about the equitable distribution of wealth

Image creator and kids

The Creator and Our Kids

Rana Rais Khan reflects, that as good Muslim parents, we should help our children cultivate a lifelong relationship with Allah (swt), so that they become the best human beings


Image merits of Friday

Merits of Friday

Rana Rais Khan highlights the significance and merits of a ‘Friday’ in a Muslim’s life in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah!

Image mind your language

Mind your Language

Controlling the choice of words is one of the first pre-requisites of a being a Momin. Farah Moazzam shows us how we can do it.

Image Zayd ibn Thabit

Zayd Ibn Thabit - The Preserver of the Holy Quran!

Seekers of knowledge came from far and wide to benefit from him. When Zayd (rta) died, Abu Hurairah (rta) said: "Today, the scholar of this Ummah has died." Mehreen Ganny takes us back in time.

Image best friend

Finding the Best Friend

Allah (swt) surely guides us out of darkness towards light. Noor Syed shares an experience with us.