Do the Youth Have a Choice?

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Salman Asif Siddiqui has specialized in Educational Psychology. During his extensive experience in the field of education spread over 18 years, he has served the roles of a teacher, trainer, counsellor, author and editor.

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As our Creator, Allah (swt) has granted humans a choice – to worship Him or not – explaining the consequences of both. For this noble choice, He has raised our rank and reward in comparison to other creations, who are mandatory submitters. Allah (swt) expects that we will make sensible choices and not breach His trust.

These choices for governing our families have to be made within the framework of strong and sensible family norms. Most often, our culture defines the acceptable norms for our families. Absence of family norms is bad; however, it is equally bad to be restricted by these norms. Our children need to understand these norms and own them.

The ultimate value of the Western civilization is personal freedom, which they do not wish to have challenged. Nowadays, we see it present also in our society, where certain individuals accept only their own version of religion, based on their desires. Islam, conversely, demands complete submission before the Creator.

We cannot compromise on family norms; however, everyday choices are a different matter. This may include the child’s choice in education and the career he aspires for. Obviously, this should not be based on the youngster’s wishful thinking or following the popular trends of the time. He should be able to convince others of his personal reasons.

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