Optimism - the Beauty of Islam

Muslims today should be of good cheer. They should highlight the good efforts of one another and try spreading hope within the Ummah.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Planning for Ramadan

Planning for Ramadan

Ramadan has been called a ‘training school’ by some; so make sure you graduate from this school with flying colours - colours that should brighten up your entire life.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Who is the most deserving of Zakat

Who is the Most Deserving of Zakah?

Sumaira Dada discusses the different types of charity and the recipients of Zakah in the light of the Quran, the Sunnah and scholars’ opinions.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Ruling on Celebrating the Middle of Shabaan

Ruling on Celebrating the Middle of Shaban

Ofaira Hussain presents a collection of Fatawas on the subject of celebrating "Shab-e-Baraat"

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Once, leaders of civilization

Once, Leaders of Civilization

We must understand the causes for the decline of the Ummah and vouch to work towards its uplifting.

Prophet's Hajj

Combating Depression the Prophet (sa)'s Way

It was his unshakeable faith in Allah (swt) that provided Muhammad (sa) with the healing balm for the wounds cut by the tests of life.

cover-depression - Copy

Depression: the Elephant in the Room

A Muslim with strong faith in Allah (swt) can never suffer from chronic stress or prolonged depression. The Islamic way of life provides remedies for any distress caused by life’s tribulations.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Islam in Albania

Islam in Albania

Now Albania is a democratic state, but the legacy of its communist past still looms over the minds and lives of the Albanian people.


Vol 5 - Issue 2 Women at work

Women at Work - Part 1

Sumaira Dada discusses workplace issues specific to working women.

Dyslexia: The Reading and Learning Disability

Dyslexia does not indicate mental retardation, lack of intelligence or a deficiency in vision, specifies Sadaf Farooqi.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Review-tare zameen par

Review: “Taare Zameen Par”

It really is not the norm to find a review of a movie amongst the pages of “Hiba” magazine, but we make an exception here and for deserved reasons. Read on…

Vol 5 - Issue 2 The flip side of Motherhood

The Flip Side of Motherhood: Postpartum Depression

Amid the congratulatory phone calls, text messages, flowers, gifts and visits of relatives and friends, the ‘new mama’ feels a cloud of gloom looming over her life. What can you do to help?


Vol 5 - Issue 2 Marriage a spiritual boon

Marriage - A Spiritual Boon

Having a God-fearing spouse as my ‘worldly’ guardian to remind me to thread the right path is a great gift, writes Ruhie Jamshed.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Thee alone we ask for help

Thee Alone We Ask for Help

I cannot stress enough the importance of a peaceful and loving relationship between father and mother, which serves as an example for future relationships kids will make, writes Tasneem Vali.

Don't be sad

Book Reviews

Laila Brence reviews "Don't Be Sad" and "You Can Be The Happiest Woman in the World".



Dear Haadia

I try to learn Duas and Surahs from the Quran, but after memorizing them, I tend to forget them. Can you suggest a method for improving my retention?

Vol 5 - Issue 2 Abdur Rahman bin Auf

Abdur-Rahman Ibn Awf (rta)

Abdur-Rahman Ibn Awf (rta) was among those ten fortunate Companions of the Prophet (sa), who were given the good news of being accepted in Paradise after their death.

Vol 5 - Issue 2 So that you can fly

So that you can fly

We just have to pray to Allah (swt) to help us understand and be patient with His decision. Relief is always on its way - it is Allah’s (swt) promise!