1. I’m sure your intentions are good, but please give it a serious thought: how well the concept of ‘debating’ fit in with the Islamic teachings? Does Islam encourage making arguments just for the sake of winning a debate? Is it healthy to put up Muslim kids against each other on worldly matters? (I suppose in the matters of Deen there can be NO debates). Is it wise to teach our children to prove others’ point of view wrong by hook or by crook (as is the usual practice in debating)? Is it alright to mix pre-teen girls and boys in today’s times?

    ‘Public speaking’ sure is a useful skill and is necessary to produce good Da’ees of our Deen, but that can be done in the form of speeches / presentations, rather than debates.

    Hope that you’ll get my point and give it due consideration.


  2. @ Umm Aymun

    Jazak Allah Khair for your feedback. You have raised a valid point. However, our intention is to polish kids’ debating skills so they can stand for the truth and not just for the sake of winning some debate competition.

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