Vol 3- Issue 3 Forces of Change

Forces of Change

Addressing the students of the Quran, Sadaf Farooqi outlines the golden rules for avoiding friction with family members and gently guiding them towards Allah (swt)

Vol 3- Issue 3 Faith & Hill

Faith & the Hill

Ramla Akhter shows us how a little faith takes us a long way.

Vol 3- Issue 3 Iman Bukhari

Imam Bukhari

Affaf Jamal tells us more about the man recognized for the book commonly known as "Sahih Bukhari"

Vol 3- Issue 3  Concept of modernity

Concept of Modernity in Islam

Maruf Abul Adil presents the Islamic perspective on modernity and its ideal application in the society



Is it a Luxury?

Sumaira Dada discusses self-checks, which will help us prepare ourselves for taking a principled stand, when faced with ethical dilemmas.


Personality Ethics vs. Character Ethics

Rana Rais Khan guides us in understanding the core differences between personality and character ethics


Permitted and Prohibited Methods of Contraception in Islam - Part II

Kulsoom Omar continues her series of articles on contraception in Islam

Vol 3- Issue 3 Travel Indonesia

Travel Indonesia

Farah Najam takes us on a journey to a large group of islands in South East Asia- a unique country called Indonesia



Witness to a Shahadah (Declaration of Faith)

A real life account - witness to a Shahadah (declaration of faith)



Dear Haadia

I am a recent revert to Islam and want to learn and practice more and more every day.

Vol 3- Issue 3   Abdur Rahman ibn 'Awf

Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf (rta)

Dr. Sadaf Sheikh tells us of a companion, who was of the first eight to accept Islam and one of the ten (Al-Asharatul Mubash-shirin), who were assured Paradise by the Prophet (sa).

Vol 3- Issue 3 Modernity for young Muslim women

Modernity for Young Muslim Women

Laila Brence addresses the controversial issue of modernity and Muslim women