Vol 5 - Issue 1  Shopping- The Islamic prespective

Shopping - an Islamic Perspective

Alhumdulillah, keeping within the boundaries of Shariah, we can enjoy and make the most of our shopping sprees, encourages Ofaira Hussain.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  Socially Constructed Fun

Socially Constructed Fun

What do you see, when you think of fun and entertainment? What images and ideas come into your mind? What feelings do they evoke?

Vol 5 - Issue 1  An interview with Bilquees Edhi

An Interview with Ms. Bilquees Edhi

In this age of materialism and heightened individualism, selfless efforts are rare gems. One family that has become a paragon of such values is the Edhis.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  A Moment of Reflect

A Moment to Reflect

A political leader has been assassinated. Civic life has come to a standstill and people are stuck at home. What to do? Sadaf Farooqi offers some solutions.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  The Process of Islamic revolutions

The Process of Islamic Revolution

Under the present conditions, however, there is no need for an armed struggle; indeed, such a struggle is not likely to succeed, writes Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  The lighter side of Islam

The Lighter Side of Islam

We must remember that Allah (swt) is Al-Wadud (The Loving One). He puts smiles on our faces because He loves us.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  Concept of Fun

Concept of Fun

It is imperative to know what Allah (swt) and His Messenger (sa) tell us about celebrating our moments of happiness.



Proud as a Peacock

Sumaira Dada discusses arrogance.


The Wastage Phenomenon

Are you wasting a much-sought-after seat in a professional college? Hafsa Ahsan reflects on this worrisome trend.

Digital Camera

Circadian Rhythm

The circadian clock is a sign of Allah (swt) in our own selves, explains Ofaira Hussain.



Hafsa Bint Umar (rta)

If Hafsa (rta), Umar’s (rta) daughter, could tame her ego and temper just like her father did, why can’t we? Kulsoom Omar asks.

Vol 5 - Issue 1 Having fun with your kids

Having Fun with your Kids

You do not need a university degree or a lucrative career for being creative with your kids, emphasizes Kiran Ansari.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  Rulings on Clapping

Rulings on Clapping

What does rule about clapping?



Dear Haadia

Everyone keeps telling my mother that I will never get married, because of my dark colour and average looks. I am very depressed and hurt. Please, help.


Dear Haadia

I am sick of being pushed around and now feel very depressed. What should I do?

Vol 5 - Issue 1  Abu Ubaidah Bin Al- Jarrah

Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah (rta)

Abu Ubaidah (rta) is one of the ten companions, to whom the Prophet (sa) publicly promised Paradise, writes Laila Brence.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  The Fun Years

The Fun Years

Be your own person, instructs Mahwash Ajaz.

Vol 5 - Issue 1  Help Who i am

Help! I Don’t Remember Who I am!

Umm Isam relates a life-changing experience.