Cover Story

08 strong girls

Strong Girls, Superb Wives

Hafsa Ahmed takes an insightful look at what the girls of today need to learn in terms of health, nutrition, and education to become productive and successful wives.

collaborative dialogue

Promoting Collaborative Dialogue in Marriage

What is collaborative dialogue and how can it be used to resolve conflicts between spouses? Farheen Moin takes a look.

16 ground realities

Expectations vs. Reality of Marriage

Sayeda Habib takes an indepth look at some of the myths of a happy marriage and what the reality is.


25 top five

Be Smart Parents. Let Your Kids Be Bored!

Are you always trying to keep your kids busy and constructively occupied to avoid them getting bored? Umm Zahra explains why it may be a good idea to let them get bored.

torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figures

Divorcing an Atheist

Anyone, who steps out of the fold of Islam, is not considered to be a worthwhile life partner or a responsible parent. Hiba interviews a single mother, who bravely bore it all by Allah’s (swt) will.


The Two Sides of Expectations

What kind of expectations do children have from their parents and how can parents fulfill them? An inspiring article from Umm Amal takes a look.


useful apps

Useful Apps on the Go

Which apps are a must-have on your phone while you are travelling? Naba Basar lists some of them.

pray all nights

Why Should We Pray on All Ten Nights of Ramadan?

It is only logical as well as rewarding to pray on all ten nights of the last ten days of Ramadan, writes Umm Isam.

32 extra special

Irony of Waste in Ramadan

Najwa Kareem shares practical tips on how we can avoid wasting food and drink in Ramadan.

32 extra special

Remaining Charged after Ramadan

How do we ensure that the good healthy habits we acquired during Ramadan are practiced consistently throughout the year? Dr. Myda Tahir shares some ideas.

Men's Perspective

get out of the rut

Get Out of the Rut Today!

Yameenuddin Ahmed, Vice-President Timelenders, shares five handy tips to help you overcome the barriers that are preventing you from getting ahead and achieving your vision.

40 live your own life

Live Your Own Life

The Messenger of Allah (sa) said: “Indeed among the excellence of a person’s Islam is that he leaves what does not concern him.” (At-Tirmidhi) Perhaps, we’ve never needed these words more than today, writes Abdulmumin Gadjiyev.

38 divorce

What I Learned from my Divorce

Abu Khalifa shares his true story about his struggle to make his marriage work and the factors that ultimately led to a divorce.


46 foot care

Put Your Best Foot Forward

S. N. Jangda present handy foot care tips that can be implemented at home easily.

43 easy oven clean

Easy Eco Oven Cleaning

Some handy tips to ensure a clean, gleaming oven.

RIZQ - Logo

Rizq – Share Food

Rizq comprises a group of people from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) who want to play their part in ridding Pakistan of the nuisances of hunger and malnutrition. They do this by collecting surplus food from restaurants/caterers/households and providing it to the needy. Hiba got in touch with them to find out more about their work.