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Allah (swt) forgives All Sins

Let us hasten to seek Almighty’s forgiveness before we stand accountable for our deeds. Read on, to remind yourselves the urgent need of turning to Him every day.


Exclusive Interview with Brother Raja Zia-ul-Haq

Hiba Magazine conducted an exclusive interview with Brother Raja Zia-ul-Haq, President and CEO, Youth Club. Listen to the audio interview at this link.


Everything about Jannah will be Upgraded

Are you yearning to become Ibad-ur-Rahman? Read here some of the characteristics of Ibad-ur-Rahman and their worth in the sight of Allah SWT as explained by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

Personality Development


A well-prepared welcome to Ramadan

Haven't prepared for Ramadan yet? Rabia Ijaz presents easy tips for the 'Rush- Hour' personalities to welcome Ramadan and make the most of it.

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Path to Jannah; Path of Knowledge!

Sarah Shaukat explains how we need to tread the path of knowledge in this world in order to tread on the path of paradise in the hereafter.

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Justice for All: Who Will Be Bankrupt In Allah’s (swt) Court?

Is it possible for someone who prays, fasts, and gives charity to be bankrupt on the Day of Judgement? Mufti Ismail Menk explains in this short lecture.

Life with the Ahmad Family

Something Better - Ahmad Family Comic!

Something Better - Ahmad Family Comic

In this comic, we learn that all things happen for a reason. If we don't get what we want, it is often times because Allah wants to give us something even better!

Sportsmen - Ahmad Family Comic

Sportsmen! (Ahmad Family Comics)

What makes a great sportsman? Trophies? No way! In this comic, Omar tells us what quality all great sportsmen must have...

Garments for You - Ahmad Family Comic

Garments for You! - Ahmad Family Comic

How should a Muslim husband and wife treat one another? We learn this important lesson in this Islamic comic!

Lessons in Love


Living in a Joint Family – More Pros than Cons

Saneya Qadir shares her reflections and experiences on living in a joint family. "Living with in-laws helps create a bond between you and them; and it increases understanding between both the parties," she writes.

vision for marriage

Marriage is Love: What it takes to be in love and be loved?

"Love doesn’t end with marriage, it rather begins with it; marriage sows the seed of love!" Nageen Parvaiz shares some real love stories.


Are the new couple in double the trouble?

"Walking into the holy matrimony at the age of nineteen, I had my fair share of doubts and misunderstandings." Kulsoom Hussain shares tips for the newly weds.

Positive Parenting


Synchronize Yourself - I See My Parents To Be A Parent!

Who do we end up emulating the most when we become parents? Our own parents, of course. Hira Zubair shares a heartwarming piece.


Raising confident Muslim kids

"It is our duty as parents to imbue confidence in our children in order to make them productive human beings." Read this article to find simple and practical tips on how to raise confident children.


Make a wish list!

How should we handle the ever increasing demands of our children? Ayesha Shahzad presents some handy tips.

Literary Lane

[Poem] Good mood, good life!

Life is a journey of ups and downs, key is to pave your path towards betterment. Click here to read on thoughts & feelings about different phases of life.

[Poem] Glory of Islam

'When it is difficult to stand up, then the Pillars of Islam are always there to help us', writes Marriam Iftikhar to portray 'Glory of Islam'.

A new day, a new beginning, a new life!

Successful people take every day as a chance to pursue their ambitions and work tirelessly to please Allah, narrates Hira Naqi

Fasiha - Enduring Islamic Values

FB dp

"Why Do I Exist?" A Webinar on Self-Discovery

What's your path to self-discovery? Do you wonder WHY you were created? Do you want Jannah & not sure how to get there? Hiba Magazine and Fasiha present: "Why Do I Exist?" A FREE Webinar on Self-Discovery. Register for FREE at this link.


Parental Pressure – Tips for Teenaged Boys

Do you feel you are being pressured by your parents? Fasiha brings forth some simple yet effective ways of dealing with parental pressure for teen aged boys.


Parental Pressure – Tips for Teenaged Girls

Teenagehood is mostly about life choices - and parental pressure kicks in too soon. Fasiha presents some handy tips for girls on how to tackle parental pressures regarding marriage, education and work in an effective manner.


[Infograph] Life Changing Verses of the Quran

[Infograph] Life Changing Verses of the Quran

Brighten up your character and conduct with these ‘Life changing verses of Quran’. Click here to find out such gems of utmost guidance.

[Infograph] Lessons from Surah Kahf

[Infograph] Lessons from Surah Kahf

Surah Al Kahf carries important stories and lessons for believers to reflect on. Check out this Infograph to briefly remind yourself with the essentials.

[Infograph] Green Hadiths courtesy IslamicLife dot com

[Infograph] Ten Green AHadith

Is green living a newly found idea? The Prophet (sa) taught it 1400 years ago, click to read on ‘Ten Green Ahadith’ consolidated in this Infograph to promote resourceful living.

View with us!


Don’t Facebook your Marriage Problems

Listen to an earnest advice by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan to keep marriage problems confidential and the way to seek counsel in this regard.


[Video] 7 Tips to Apply What You Learn

Knowledge shines when practiced! Confused on how to apply it diligently? Here are 'Seven Practical Tips to apply what you Learn' by Brother Mohammad Arshad


[Video] Handling Criticism

What is the best way to respond to those who criticise you? Sh. Omar Suleiman gives a beautiful answer in this short clip.

Thursday Recipe

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Root Vegetable Stew

What do you do when you plan to eat seasonably, but do not want the same century old taste over and over again? You look for new recipes! Uzma Awan presents a delicious vegetable stew recipe.

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Steak and onions with fried tomatoes

Craving for a juicy home-made steak? Try out this easy to make recipe of steak with tomatoes and onions by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee.


Cooking Fish

Fish and winters go hand in hand. Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee, culinary expert from Islamabad, shares some tips for cooking and frying fish in our Thursday Recipe segment.



Review: Shades of Oblivion

Shades of Oblivion is a character driven contemporary novel by Ibn Adam, set in the inner boroughs of London. It follows three youths and the choices they make that lead them to 'Oblivion'; the name given to a post 9/11 detention centre. Anoshia Riaz reviews the novel.


[Book Review] Quran Par Amal

Quran was not sent down for mere recitation. It was sent for us to implement it in our lives. Tuba Faizan reviews 'Quran Par Amal' by Samia Ramzan, a book that offers solutions to real life problems through the verses of Quran.


Review: Get Fluent in Arabic

"Being multilingual in today’s world is not only an asset but a necessity." Tasneem Vali reviews a self-help motivational book on learning Arabic; 'Get Fluent in Arabic' by Moniur S Rehman.