In Focus: The Blessings of Ramadan

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Klaudia Khan

Klaudia Khan is a revert Muslimah, originally from Poland, a wife, a mother and a writer. She lives in West Yorkshire, UK and Islamabad, Pakistan and spends at least a couple of months each year in Poland. She's interested in exploring and crossing the cultural borders, living green, homeschooling and others. She can be reached at

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Fasting in the month of Ramadan has been enjoined for all mankind in the Quran. We fast because it is an act of devotion and faith and because it is beneficial for our bodies and minds. As we bid farewell to Ramadan, there are also other blessings from Allah worth remembering and reflecting over them may help us be grateful to Allah for making us experience Ramadan this year, plan for the year ahead, and of course, ponder over how to make it even better next year.

The blessing of health

This year, fasting has not been not easy, especially during the hot summer months, and we have all experienced fatigue and discomfort at some point.  However, fasting has had a positive impact on our health, and we should be grateful to Allah to be included among those who have been able to fast. Good health is a blessing that we often tend to forget until we are afflicted with some ailment. This year, instead of complaining about aches and weaknesses as a result of fasting, we should simply say Alhumdulillah, and be grateful that Allah gave us the ability to fast along with good health that we enjoy daily without realizing its importance.

The blessing of family

Ramadan has many joys and one of its delights has been to share it with your family and friends. Fasting is a solitary act of devotion, but together we share the experience and we take pleasure and comfort from each other’s company. The feeling of hunger and physical stress may put us on edge, but fasting tests our patience, self-restraint and control of anger. Keeping in mind that the presence of our loved ones – our parents, spouses, children, siblings, other relatives and friends in our lives – is an Amanah from Allah should help us be more patient towards their shortcomings, act with more love and respect, and be grateful to Allah for their being there, for the days to come. Just imagine a Ramadan with one of your loved ones missing…

The blessing of comfortable homes

Ramadan in the summer months along with tests like loadshedding compel us to lose patience at times. Electricity, gas, clean water running from the tap – we take it all for granted and think our lives would be impossible without these conveniences. Fasting in a cosy, air-conditioned house is certainly easier than fasting in a mud hut without running water not to mention other comforts. If you have been without electricity this Ramadan and felt the brunt of it, let it be a reminder that it is another blessing from Allah to enjoy living in a comfortable house with modern amenities and that not all members of our Ummah are so lucky. Just as we empathize through fasting with those who suffer from hunger, we can show compassion with those living in less fortunate conditions by exercising patience and contentment and being grateful to Allah for what we have.

The blessing of literacy

One of the most memorable events of Ramadan is the revelation of the first verse of the Quran: “Read! In the Name of your Lord who has created (all that exists).” (Al-Alaq 96:1) The ability to read and write is a blessing we take for granted, forgetting that many miss the chance to acquire these essential skills. We forget how privileged we are and we forget to make best use of our advantages. For many of us, the Ramadan experience is not complete without daily recitation of the Quran. It is the best habit worth continuing throughout the year, as incorporating the Quran into our everyday life is sure to enrich it.

Today is an odd night in the last ten days of Ramadan – there is another one to come, Insha’Allah. We search for Laylat-ul-Qadr which is indeed the night on which the Quran was revealed. Let us contemplate over this blessing of Allah to guide humankind to the straight path.

May Allah (swt) enable us to remain thankful and patient, make the most of this Ramadan and continue our best practices of the Deen throughout the year. Ameen!

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