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Muslim Mastery wants to empower the Ummah through you. We help Muslims achieve mindset breakthroughs so you can be your best and break through to happiness.
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Tips to Improve Your Relationships

A transcription of Muslim Mastery Series video takes a look at some of the ways to foster strong relationships.


Are You Falling in This Trap?

When you start thinking your good deeds are more than bad ones, a deadly trap may engulf you into evil. Read here to find how it’s done.


Running out of Patience? A Quick Reminder!

Oh you who are patient! Bear a little more. Just a little more remains…. Muslim Mastery series shares with us three things to attain happiness in every situation.

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Tips to Become Allah’s Beloved

Becoming beloved to Allah SWT is every Muslim’s foremost dream, read here some tips to make your dream a reality in the light of hadith of the Prophet (sa).

Seven Tips to Discipline your Inner Self

A peaceful inner-self is a greatest blessing one can have; however, through mindful efforts it can be achieved. Read on here to learn seven tips to discipline your inner-self.

Top Five Thoughts to Forgive Anyone

Do you find it hard to forgive the one who genuinely wronged you? Read here to find out ways to work on this emotional resistance.

Tips to Get Closer to Allah (swt)

Does your soul feel distant from Allah (swt) yet crave for His closeness? Here are some practical tips to help you get closer to Allah (swt).

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Tips for Productive Mornings

Prophet Muhammad (sa) informed us that his Ummah is blessed in the early morning. If you are one of those who sleep in late, here are some tips to make productive use of morning time and gain Barakah in your tasks.

31 don't be sad

Don’t be Sad

Why should Muslims shun sadness and embrace happiness? Here is a brief but enlightening article encouraging you to always see the silver lining,


[Video] 7 Tips to Apply What You Learn

Knowledge shines when practiced! Confused on how to apply it diligently? Here are 'Seven Practical Tips to apply what you Learn' by Brother Mohammad Arshad