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Absar Kazmi is a freelance content writer and illustrator. His key focus areas include business process documentation, user guide development, website content, editing & proofreading and Illustrating for children's books.
Something Better - Ahmad Family Comic!

Something Better – Ahmad Family Comic

In this comic, we learn that all things happen for a reason. If we don't get what we want, it is often times because Allah wants to give us something even better!

Sportsmen - Ahmad Family Comic

Sportsmen! (Ahmad Family Comics)

What makes a great sportsman? Trophies? No way! In this comic, Omar tells us what quality all great sportsmen must have...

Garments for You - Ahmad Family Comic

Garments for You! – Ahmad Family Comic

How should a Muslim husband and wife treat one another? We learn this important lesson in this Islamic comic!

I Love My Parents - Ahmad Family Comics

I Love My Parents – Ahmad Family Comics

Omar loves his parents, and he wants them to know somehow. Jamal gives him some great advice!

We're Bored at Work - Life with the Ahmad Family Comics

We’re Bored at Work [Ahmad Family Comic]

Jamal is bored... but that's good because he WANTS to be bored... Find out why in today's Islamic comic from Ahmad Family!

Ahmad Family Comic - The Abused Word

The Abused Word [Ahmad Family Comic]

There is one word that Muslims have started abusing so much that even our children have begun to dislike it. Read on to find out what word it is and PLEASE use it correctly!

Chocolate Covered What?! - Ahmad Family Comics

Chocolate Covered What?! [Ahmad Family Comics]

What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten? I'll bet what Waleed ate is even stranger than that! But he doesn't think it's a big deal... find out why!

Omar's Oats - Ahmad Family Comics

Omar’s Oats – Ahmad Family Comics

Jamal and Omar are having breakfast together... but Omar refuses to share his cereal. Find out why!!

Ahmad Family Comic - Jamal's Will

[Ahmad Family Comics] Jamal’s Will

In this Islamic comic, Jamal is writing his will... but there's a surprise!

Life with the Ahmad Family Comic - It's All Haraam!

[Ahmad Family Comic] It’s All Haram!

Have you ever met people who think EVERYTHING is HARAM these days? Jamal and his father meet someone like that in today's comic! :)

Life with the Ahmad Family Comic - Super Goat!

[Ahmad Family Comic] Super Goat

Have you ever met someone who always shows off their animal for 'Eid ul Adha? Jamal and Omar meet someone like that today!

Life with the Ahmad Family Comic - A Sad Irony...

[Ahmad Family Comic] A Sad Irony…

A truly sad irony of Muslim society today which we all need to think and reflect deeply on... It's a vicious cycle and the victims are always the young and innocent ones...

Life with the Ahmad Family Comic - My Name Is...

[Ahmad Family Comic] My Name Is…

Isn't it funny that when you ask some people their name, they feel they need to also give their titles and accomplishments? Fatimah meets someone like that in this episode.

Ahmad Family Comic - 1 Night, 2 Nightmares!

[Ahmad Family Comic] 1 Night, 2 Nightmares!

Have you ever had a nightmare? Do you know what to do if you have one? Well... DON'T DO WHAT WALEED DID!!

Ahmad Family Comics - Real Role Models

[Ahmad Family Comics] Real Role Models

Isn't it strange how some people know everything about the dunya, but nothing about their Deen?

Ahmad Family Comic - Moon Fighting!

[Ahmad Family Comic] – Moon Fighting!

Are you ready for it? It happens every year... Yes, the 'Moon Fighting' is about to begin! Here are Abu Jamal's thoughts on the whole issue! Enjoy and don't forget to share!