Are You Pleased With Allah (swt)?

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Eman Al Obaid conducts classes on Quranic exegesis (Tafseer), Hadeeth, Fiqh and other Islamic themes at AlHuda Sisters, Dubai.

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Have you ever questioned yourself: “Am I pleased with Allah (swt)?” This is an embarrassing question for all of us as we usually think the other way round: whether Allah (swt) is pleased with us. Primarily, we need to ask if we are pleased with Allah (swt). If we are pleased, satisfied, and content with Allah (swt), He (swt) will be content with us. If we are not pleased with Allah (swt), He (swt) will not be pleased with us. Hence, we need to scrutinize our feelings about Allah (swt), account for our own actions for Allah (swt), and focus on how Allah (swt) deals with us. He is the most Merciful and Generous.

Consequences of being pleased with Allah

Allah (swt) will be pleased with you in the world

Those who are pleased and satisfied with Allah (swt) will taste His sweetness and pleasure on this earth. When you look around, some people seem relaxed if something unexpected happens, while others get restless and angry. Those who are satisfied are not disturbed.

Being pleased comes to us naturally, unlike patience for which you have to struggle. A pleased person is completely content and calm. This contentment comes from Allah (swt). Some people attend anger management classes or workshops on how to be happy, but they forget about the One Who can make them happy: Allah (swt). He (swt) will pour upon you such tranquillity and peace that nothing will irritate you, and people may even think that you are weird, or that you have no feelings. You would be satisfied in a situation when everyone else is angry. Such individuals are the owners of a self that is at rest because Allah (swt) is pleased with it.

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