Appreciate Allah’s Blessings – Before They Are Taken Away

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Mariam Asif

Mariam Asif is a lawyer.

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Small-paper-boats-in-water_1920x1200Losing your father when you are only three days old makes you feel devastated when you learn about it. Sounds like an emotional dialogue, isn’t it? However, some events in our life take place to make us strong which unfortunately some people fail to realize.

At the age of seventeen, when I was told by my grandmother that some people at my dad’s funeral named me as an unlucky child for the family- that was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I felt so bad even my mother’s words were not enough to console me although she read inspiring Islamic stories to me and told me not to get worried over such things; she told me she loved me and I was a blessing for her.

I felt she was only uttering those words to make me feel better. I did not change my thinking and told some of my friends about this. I felt really embarrassed because I am an introvert. However, as it is said, “good friends are a blessing,” which was very true in my case. They helped me to think about the blessings which I had and forget about the past.

My mother has always strived hard to make me feel content for whatever I have and to be thankful to Allah (swt). But, I took really long to appreciate the countless blessings I have. Whining about not having a father and a lavish lifestyle did not end until I lost my grandmother at the age of twenty one.

That moment changed my thinking. Why did I fail to realize that when Allah (swt) takes something away from you, He compensates in some other way? Why did I fail to understand that Allah (swt) had blessed me with my grandmother, who had always been supportive and understanding? I felt so ashamed of myself, and began to realize that Allah (swt) is the best planner; and we are no one to term our lives as unfair. Life isn’t unfair and it can never be; we human beings term it as unfair which is not true. Allah (swt) loves us more than seventy mothers, so how can we even think that our mothers would do or plan something which is unfair?

Alhumdulillah for what I have! May Allah (swt) guide us all to the straight path. Ameen.

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