Vol 4-Issue 1 Voicing their Silence

Voicing Their Silence

Atefa Jamal reports about the ways KFC Pakistan is helping the hearing impaired make their presence felt

Vol 4-Issue 1 Hajj- A personal reflection

Hajj – A Personal Reflection

Kulsoom Omar shares the rejuvenating feelings she brought home from Hajj

Vol 4-Issue 1 Abuse to the Earth

Abuse to Earth – Are we Accountable for it?

Rana Rais Khan was inspired to write this article, when her 5 year old son informed her about celebrating the Earth Day at school.


Understanding Anger

Sumaira Dada presents excerpts from Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s lecture “Let Anger Go”

our role model

Anger for Allah (swt)

Sadaf Farooqi takes a look at what made the Prophet (sa) angry!

Vol 4-Issue 1 Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger management – Is it really possible? What do the Quran and the Sunnah have to say about it?



Can I Trust You?

Sumaira Dada discusses the importance of honesty in the workplace

Vol 4-Issue 1 Taking the bully by the Horns

Taking the Bully by the Horns

Farah Najam presents latest strategies from the internet to address the issue of bullying


Just how Harmful is Anger to one’s Health?

Uzma Jawed details some of the health hazards of anger

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Travel Qatar

Farah Najam explores the delights of Qatar

Vol 4-Issue 1 Islam in latvia

Islam in Latvia

Laila Brence reflects upon the spread of Islam in Latvia



Ummul-Mumineen Sauda (rta)

Kulsoom Omar continues with her pride of Islam series, profiling Sauda (rta)

Hammer hitting nail on the head.

Dealing with Bad Language

Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (consultant pediatrician and neonatologist) suggests us practical tips for dealing with the bad language our children use



Dear Haadia

I know parents have great rights in Islam but how far can they go in hitting children, insulting them in public and displaying anger whenever they want to?

Vol 4-Issue 1 Said Ibn Zayd ra

Said ibn Zayd (rta)

Dr. Sadaf Sheikh profiles one of the Ashrat Al-Mubash-shiroon

Vol 4-Issue 1 Are you in Control

Are you in Control?

Uzma Rizvi defines anger and suggests the ways for controlling this emotion