Vol 4 - Issue 4 Dealing with Jealousy

Dealing with Jealousy

Sumaira Dada discusses jealousy at the workplace in the light of Islam


Working with Shy Students

Farah Najam outlines specific strategies to handle shy students.

Beauty and well-being

Beauty and well-being

Noorjehan Arif presents tips for home and health improvement.



Zaynab Bint Jahash (rta)

Kulsoom Omar continues her Pride of Islam series, focusing this time on Zaynab Bint Jahsh (rta)

Vol 4 - Issue 4 Adopting the Right approach

Adopting the Right Approach

Insha’Allah, Allah (swt) will make the experience of taking a little one into our homes pleasurable and rewarding, reflects Affaf Jamal



Origins of Basant

Ofaira Hussain traces the historical roots of Basant.

Vol 4 - Issue 4 Are we Destiny's Children

Are we Destiny's Children?

Tasneem Vali analyzes the age-old debate of free will versus predestination.


Speech Language Therapy Training School

Rana Rais Khan takes a look at the various offerings of SLT

our role model

The Prophet’s (sa) Adopted Son

Sadaf Farooqi profiles Zaid Ibn Harith (rta), the Prophet's adopted son.

Vol 4- Issue 4 Child Don't play outside

Child, don’t play outside the house, it’s dangerous!

The thought of leaving our kids on the city streets to roam on their own day and night is enough to send shivers down the spine, writes Rana Rais Khan.

Vol 4- Issue 4 Adoption is an Option

Adoption is an Option

Adoption is an option! Which orphans are mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah? Safaa Minhas takes a look.



Dear Haadia

Some of my friends have succumbed to smoking. When I try to stop them, they make fun of me. What should I do?


Dear Haadia

What should I do? I am torn between my parents and the duty towards my new household.

Vol 4 - Issue 4 Usamah Bin Zaid

Usamah Bin Zaid (rta)

Laila Brence profiles Usamah Bin Zaid (rta), one of the commanders of the Muslim army.

Vol 4 - Issue The Mane effect

The Mane Effect

A teenager finds her way out of the curl pool!

Vol 4 - Issue 4 My Journey to awareness

My Journey to Awareness

As I learnt more, slowly but surely I became increasingly comfortable with my identity as a Muslim, writes Ruhie Jamshed.