Hiba’s guiding Ayat from the Quran is:

“O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones…” (At-Tahrim 60:6)

  1. Hiba – a quarterly family publication

Mission: To build strong Muslim homes. This is accomplished by imparting knowledge, offering solutions, and reinforcing values in the Quran and the Sunnah.

Articles aim to inspire readers towards positive personal change and self-growth. Hiba reiterates the importance of constructing and nurturing relationships be it personal, professional, business, or familial.

There is no success anywhere if a believer is a failure at home. Similarly, if our hearts and souls are diseased by ill thoughts and practices, we stand little chance of reaching our true potential granted to us by Allah (swt).

  1. Hibakidz – a quarterly kids’ publication

Mission: To provide a platform to kids to showcase their talents. The magazine offers fun, information, and values to tweens (8 to 12 year olds).

Stories weave around motivational characters (real as well as fictional). Science projects tickle the inventor within. Art and craft ideas inspire the artistic talents. Brain teasers and various competitions are for challenge seekers. Riddles, jokes, and puzzles entertain the page flippers.

Most importantly, young budding writers are encouraged to write and submit their work to Hibakidz for publication. The best published entries are entitled to publication, cash vouchers, and bumper prizes.

  1. Life with the Ahmad Family

Mission: To give a peek into the life of a typical practicing Muslim family through humorous illustrations.

So far a comic book and three activity cum sticker books have been published under this banner. Life with Ahmad Family has the following characters:

  • Abu Jamal – The father
  • Umm Jamal – The mother
  • Jamal – A ten-year-old boy
  • Marium – A toddler (Jamal’s younger sister)
  • Omar – Jamal’s best friend
  • Hafsah – Jamal’s cousin
  • Fuzzball – Jamal’s pet cat
  1. Workshops and Smart Hearts Camps for kids

Mission: To conduct interactive workshops for adult audience by inviting specialists in education, psychology, and religious application.

The objective is to facilitate the participants in seeking solutions to the challenges they face in their lives regarding marriage, parenting, workplace, personal growth, and development.

Similarly Smart Hearts camps are sessions conducted for tweens aged 8 to 12 years in summer and winter. The objective is to explore their various talents related to emotional intelligence, writing, calligraphy, science, and craft.

It’s a very interactive session with story-telling, role playing, multimedia presentations, games, and written activities. And they all aim to reinforce positive Islamic values.

  1. Hiba website & blog; hibakidz website; social media

Mission: On www.hibamagazine.com, Hiba’s website updates weekly articles, videos, and other meaningful posters to connect the community with life-changing events and write-ups. Again, the mission is to build strong Muslim homes by equipping people with the right tools and mindset.

On www.hibamagazine.com/hibakidz, we actively showcase projects of kids aged 8 to 12 years. They can be poems, stories, videos, art, etc. created by children for which they compete and earn prizes.

  1. Hiba’s Creative Writers’ Toolkit

Mission: To develop educational material of high value that empowers serious kid writers.

This toolkit guides children on how to pre-draft, generate ideas, use strong beginnings, end with satisfying endings, plan their stories, edit them well, spell check, and so on.

It’s a handy companion for children, mothers, and teachers who want to explore and conquer the world of creative writing at home or in school.

  1. The bus drive

Mission: To distribute free-of-cost small booklets and informative reading material in simple Urdu to the literate lower income group females.

The objective is to educate them on how to build strong homes at their level by simply adopting the core Islamic teachings of living for example integrity, honesty, simplicity, generosity, kindness, respect, affection, responsibility, and so on.

  1. The prison drive

Mission: To offer relief and facilitation to the female prisoners and their babies incarcerated in the Central Jail of Karachi for Women and Juvenile.

This is mainly done through:

  • Payment of bail or fine of deserving inmates who are languishing in prisons due to unavailability of funds.
  • Distribution of daily supplies such as unstitched lawn fabric, soap bars, detergents, character-building Islamic reading material in Urdu, and toys and books for toddlers and kids.
  • Arrangement of meals, snacks, or Iftar during Ramadan.

9. Readilicious

Mission: To offer decent and Shariah-compliant books or novels in a variety of genres to kids aged 8 years and above

Hiba’s planning to launch its very first book in the series of “Readilicious”. Its about a 10-year-old good-natured, sprightly yet very curious girl. She keeps ending in misadventures. It will be the very first of many more to come In sha Allah. Stay tuned for more ….